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Welcome to the Dev Gym

Here at the Dev Gym, we help you deepen your expertise in a variety of Oracle technologies through exercise: quizzes, workouts and classes.

It's all available for no cost; all you need is an Oracle account!


Our library of over 2,000 multiple choice quizzes will help you deepen your expertise in various Oracle technologies. After submitting your answer, you can explore the quiz's topic in more detail, with full verification code scripts, links to related resources and other quizzes, and discussion on the quiz. You accumulate points for all the quizzes you answer, but your performance on these quizzes is not ranked. To play competitively against other developers, check out our weekly tournaments!

Each Saturday, we publish a brand-new quiz on SQL, PL/SQL, database design, Java and logic (this list will likely grow over time). You have until the following Friday to submit your answer, when the rankings for the week are released. Don't want to compete but still want to tackle those brand-new quizzes? Don't worry, ranking is completely optional.

Rankings are on the Leaderboard, where you can see how you did the previous week, month, quarter and year. And if you finish the year ranked in the top 50 in a particular technology, you are then eligible to compete in the annual championship.

Note that we do not show the results of your submission for a tournament until that week is over. Since the quiz is competitive, we don't want to make it easy for players to share results with others who may not yet have taken the quiz. And since the quiz is competitive, we also have rules against cheating. Read Competition Integrity for a description of what constitutes cheating at the Oracle Dev Gym.

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Don’t have time to commit to a class? Then why not try a workout? We offer a set of featured workouts (typically consisting of a video or article followed by several quizzes), but you can also quickly create a custom workout on your topic of choice. About to start a new project requiring lots of dynamic SQL? Set up a 60 minute workout of quizzes on this topic and the knowledge will be fresh, the syntax right at your fingertips.

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The Dev Gym offers a growing array of classes that give you the skills to build high quality applications on top of Oracle Database. Each class consists of modules built around Dev Gym workouts. Watch a video, read an article, then take quizzes to reinforce your new-found knowledge.

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