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Category : Awards

What information must I provide in my profile order to win an award?

How do I qualify for the championship in the "as correct" raffle?

How do the PL/SQL Challenge championships work?

Category : General

How can I read about new features in the latest release of the PL/SQL Challenge website?

Category : Login
I've forgotten my password. What do I do?
I had lost my password and asked for a new one but I haven't received it.
Category : Notifications
I'm not receiving the email with the results of yesterday's quiz.
I have registered but didn't receive a verification email.
Category : Playing

I qualified to play in the quarterly championship. How do I find out when I play? And do I start playing the championship?

I am using IE8 (or IE9, or another higher version) and the Play a Quiz table on the home page is not displaying correctly. How can I fix this problem?

What constitutes cheating in the PL/SQL Challenge? What are the penalties for cheating?

Why can't I see the answers to the quiz when I view it through the Library?

Is it OK to use Oracle documentation to answers questions?
Do you ever change the rules or ranking algorithm? Why would you do this?
Sometimes people answer a quiz so quickly (such as 5 seconds) that it doesn't seem possible for them to have and read understood the question. Don't you think they are cheating and why do you allow this?
My level is advanced, but I still see beginner quizzes. Why is that?
Can I play the Friday quiz on the weeked?
When can I play the quiz?
What if I think none of the choices are correct?
Category : Registration
What is the difference between my Player Name (also referred to as the "display name") and my real name (first and last)?
Can I register and play under multiple email addresses?
I tried to register but got an error "Please ensure you complete the Captcha verification field correctly."
When I register, I can choose an expertise level. How is this used in the PL/SQL Challenge?
Category : Scoring
The quiz results show that a player answered the quiz in 0 seconds and was 100% correct. How is this possible or acceptable?
I got a score of 0 even though I knew that several choices were wrong and did not check them. Why didn't I get partial credit?
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