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While most of the PL/SQL Challenge quizzes are written "in house", many players have also contributed quizzes based on their unique combination of experience and expertise.

NameQuestionsDescendingDomain ListCountry
Steven Feuerstein1695Oracle PL/SQL,SQL,Application Express,PL/SQL Challenge,Logic,Database Design,JavaScript and Oracle,Spatial and Maps in Oracle Database,Oracle Database,Oracle REST Data Services,Internet Development,Java,Python,Database Security,Oracle Machine Learning,Graph Database and AnalyticsUS
Chris Saxon485Oracle PL/SQL,SQL,Database DesignNot Provide
Kim Berg Hansen433Oracle PL/SQL,SQL,Database DesignDenmark
Eli Feuerstein422Oracle PL/SQL,Application Express,Logic,Database DesignNot Provide
Rafael Chinelato Del Nero (1851)85Oracle PL/SQL,JavaNot Provide
Richard C Evans (2403)78Database Design,Database SecurityNot Provide
Paul Broughton (2145)53Application ExpressUnited Kingdom
mentzel.iudith (187909)43Oracle PL/SQL,SQLIsrael
Connor McDonald38SQLNot Provide
_Nikotin (13730)31Oracle PL/SQL,SQLRussia
Darryl Hurley (6284)20Oracle PL/SQL,SQL,Database DesignCanada
Vyacheslav Stepanov (130258)16Oracle PL/SQL,Database DesignNot Provide
Blaine Carter15Python and Oracle DatabaseNot Provide
Elic (65675)14Oracle PL/SQLBelarus
Martin Giffy D'Souza (1399)14Application ExpressCanada
JeroenR (54211)13Oracle PL/SQLNot Provide
EliCompete (1484)12LogicUnited States
Livio Curzola (31966)11Oracle PL/SQL,SQL,Logic,Database DesignLuxembourg
Zoltan Fulop (33112)9Oracle PL/SQLHungary
patch72 (59119)8Oracle PL/SQL,SQLNetherlands
swesley_perth (63082)8Oracle PL/SQL,SQL,Application Express,Database DesignAustralia
koko (37599)8Oracle PL/SQL,SQLUkraine
Darryl Hurley (ImpleStrat) (375)7Oracle PL/SQLNot Provide
Jeffrey Kemp (19170)7Oracle PL/SQL,SQLAustralia
Sailaja (9283)7Oracle PL/SQL,SQL,Database AdministrationIndia
  • 1 - 25
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